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                                       DECEMBER 2017/JANUARY 2018

                                                   Publisher Kenny Steinocher
                                                Managing Editor Tonya LaCoste

                                                  Associate Editor Lana Henry
                                          Sales Jessica Meaux & Amber O’Halloran

                                                Layout & Design Georgia Gates
                                                   Ad Designer Anna Gumpert

                                         Contributing Photography Valerie Aloisio

                                       CONTRIBUTING AGENTS

                                            Ian Auzenne            Lana Henry              Joni Orazio
                                       Courtney Babineaux          Erin Holden             Marie Pace
                                                              Christopher Hubbell        Steve Peloquin
                                            Angie Boutte         Madeline Hurst            Nathan Pry
                                            Scott Brazda          Felicia Landry          Dextria Sapp
                                         Tisha Delcambre          Bryan Lazare           Hannah Trahan
                                           Darren Digby       Elizabeth S. Mayers          Kyle Vidrine
                                         Suzanne Ferrara           Tim Metcalf            Josie Vincent
                                           Taylor Geiger         Kevin McBride            Dan Weintritt
                                           Lisa Hanchey          Elliot Minvielle

                                         KENNY STEINOCHER         TONYA LACOSTE
                                              337-280-2181           337-278-7318

                                             Publisher/Sales        Managing Editor


                                         AMBER O’HALLORAN             P.O. Box 60988           JESSICA MEAUX
                                               337-739-7064             Lafayette, LA            337-517-3158
                                                    Sales             Advertising:                    Sales



 ELLERAEBOUTIQUE.COM                                  ABOUT OUR COVER
                                                        Celebrating 008 magazine’s 100th issue—
E L L E R A E O N T H E B LV D. C O M        keeping Lafayette & Acadiana informed and entertained.

 @ELLERAECLOTHINGBOUTIQUE                                     Models: MICHELLE AND RICK FAUL
 ELLE RAE A CLOTHING BOUTIQUE                           Dress Provided by: PARK LANE BOUTIQUE
                                                 Models: REBEKAH DAVID AND TAYLOR DUNNAHOE

                                                            Dress provided by: INDIGO BOUTIQUE 
                                             Models: JULIA SMELLEY AND THOMAS C. HOLLAMAN IV

                                                                 Dress Provided by: SHOE LA LA 
                                                                  Shoes provided by: BALEARES 
                                                    Tuxedos provided by: MARY ELLEN’S TUX SHOP 
                                       Location: Special thank you to the UL LAFAYETTE ALUMNI HOUSE
                                        DIRECTOR, MR. DAN HARE Photographer: VMA PHOTOGRAPHY

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