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Personality Profiles

                              t 1. KATIE MOORE

                                                     Age: 33
                                                     Status: Married to Wilson for 13 years
                                                     Cover: Owner of Evolve Fitness in
                                                     Lives in: Youngsville
                                                     Favorite secret agent: MacGyver
                                                     Likes most about job: I absolutely
                                                     love seeing the expression on my clients’
                                                     faces when they achieve their fitness
                                                     goals. It is amazing to watch their
                                                     confidence grow and achieve what they
                                                     thought was once impossible.
                                                     Dream adventure: To visit all of the
                                                     Disney parks around the world
                                                     Personal motto: Always believe
                                                     something wonderful is about to happen

            u2. BRENT

                                      Alias: B
                                      Age: 35
                            Status: Married
     Cover: Family-owned and operated
                      National Discount Tire
                          Lives in: Maurice
 Favorite secret agent: Pink Panther
            Personal motto: If you want
something done right, then do it yourself.
               Favorite things to do in
      Acadiana: Trying new restaurants,
                      going to UL basketball


                                                 t 3. KALE WILDBUR

                                                 Alias: Wildman
                                                 Age: 32
                                                 Status: Trapped
                                                 Cover: Security guard for Di Benedetto
                                                 Lives in: Lafayette 
                                                 Favorite secret agent: Austin
                                                 Powers, International Man of Mystery 
                                                 Personal motto: No regrets and
                                                 everybody Wang Chung tonight
                                                 Favorite things to do in
                                                 Acadiana: Anything involving food.
                                                 My girlfriend and I like to go out to eat
                                                 and try new restaurants frequently. 
                                                 Always wanted to: Take a trip to an
                                                 exotic, reclusive place that hasn’t been
                                                 overrun by technology 

          u4. CAITLYN

                  Alias: The Golden Child
                                     Age: 29

                            Status: Married
         Cover: Commercial Realtor/The
          Gleason Group Team Manager

                        Lives in: Broussard
Likes most about job: I love that fact
that I get to meet new, interesting people

       every day and build unique lasting
                    relationships with them.

  Dream Adventure: To be able to visit
every NFL stadium in the country. I already

      have seven down and only 24 to go!
     Personal Motto: Chose a job you
 love, and you will never have to work a

                              day in your life.	 June/July 2017	7
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